Aboriginal Bark Paintings – See Them Now at the Borrego Art Institute

There’s just a little time left to view the strongly patterned Aboriginal Bark Paintings, now on display at the Borrego Art Institute through October 1. Dots, squiggles, animals, and mysterious symbols in earth tones on bark and canvas leave a lasting impression. The designs seen on authentic Australian Aboriginal paintings are owned by the artist or his clan. They cannot be painted by anyone else. While the designs are ancient, the practice of painting on a flattened piece of eucalyptus bark probably began in the 19th century.

Interpreting the Bark Paintings at the Borrego Art Institute

The Aborigines are Australia’s first people. Their culture goes back at least 65,000 years. The bark paintings now on display at the Borrego Art Institute may well depict Dreamtime, the Aboriginal version of the Creation of the world. What appears to the viewer to be a series of wavy lines and dots may be a sort of map or path of an Ancestor Spirit and events that happened along the way. Can you know exactly what was in the artist’s mind? No. Like the designs, the stories belong only to the painter and are never revealed to outsiders.

Know Before You Go to the Borrego Art Institute

Visit air-conditioned Borrego Art Institute at 665 Palm Canyon Drive at Christmas Circle. BAI is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10am – 4pm. See month-long shows throughout the year. Pottery classes and Kids Art too!

BAI ArtPark Gardening Help

The Borrego Art Institute ArtPark Orchard is loaded with figs in August and September. You can pick them yourself Monday through Thursday or get them pre-bagged on Friday morning. The ArtPark offers organic mulch that has been carefully blended to help your desert plants thrive.

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