Road Trip to Salton City and Coyote Canyon

Coyote Canyon January 16 – Road trip to a real movie set! Get up real early, wake the family, and pile into the car to be in La Quinta for the Annual Coyote Canyon Exploration Hike. It’s a 68 mile drive from here to La Quinta and the hike starts at 8:00am. Click the link … Continued

Apple Desserts & Desert Books

Did you wake up this morning and shriek, “OMG! I forgot Uncle Henry!” If last minute holiday shopping for your far-away relatives and book-worms in the RV has you in a tizzy, help is just 30 miles down the road in Julian!   Julian Pie Company offers 2-day and overnight delivery options: 2 DAY DELIVERY: … Continued

The Christmas Star

The identity of the Star of Bethlehem – will it ever be known? Acclaimed astronomer, John Mosley – telescope operator here at the Springs at Borrego RV Resort and author of the book The Christmas Star – says there are many intriguing possibilities.   December 2020 is a Sky-Watchers Dream When you look at the … Continued

An RV Thanksgiving

Think your RV kitchen is too small to make a giant holiday feast? Think again! How to Cook Small Birds In Your RV Cornish Game Hens Weighing in at 1 ¼ pounds each, Cornish game hens make the perfect size individual serving and a beautiful presentation. Stuff each little hen as you normally would. Will … Continued

The Hibernation of Grass

Many small desert animals including prairie dogs, rattlesnakes, and hummingbirds hibernate in the winter. Grass does too! Golf Course Maintenance Begins at Dawn   Water Traps, Irrigation & Rain A lush golf course cannot exist in the desert without water. Some types of grass are pretty resilient. But really, no grass thrives in 110ᵒ heat. … Continued

Love in the Desert – Your RV Honeymoon

The vast inky-black sky, full harvest moon, and millions of twinkling stars. The quiet atmosphere of the Anza-Borrego Desert in autumn makes the ancient, rocky landscape even more mysterious and intimate. Just the place to fall in love.   Congratulations, You Two When you plan your RV honeymoon or romantic getaway, you have the delicious … Continued

Interview with Dennis Mammana

What led you from the microscope to the telescope? I always had an interest in the sky. When the first satellites were launched in the late ‘50s my dad and I would stand outside and watch for them. What little kid staring into a star-filled night sky is not going to be immensely curious? So, … Continued

Shooting Stars in October

  The Birth of Meteors Meteors are spawned by comets during their elliptical orbits around the sun. As a comet gets closer to the sun, some of its icy surface boils off, releasing particles of dust and rock. This comet debris gets strewn along the comet’s path, especially in the inner solar system (that’s us), … Continued

Anza Borrego Desert – Wisdom of the Cahuilla People

Yucca – ‘Our Lord’s Candle’ Just like other plants in this arid region, Yucca – known in Cahuilla as panu’ul – grows slowly. But with the very occasional rain, the clump of sharp, pointed leaves will suddenly produce a central spike, which shoots up 4 – 6 inches per day! The humble yucca stores its … Continued

Pickleball is Fun, Social and Welcoming!

  Play Pickleball at The Springs at Borrego Pickleball is a fun sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong. Pickleball can be played indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court with a slightly modified tennis net. At the Resort, our Pickleball courts are outdoors. The game can be played as singles or doubles, … Continued

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