Hello Darkness, My Old Friend – The Consequences of Light Pollution

Humans and animals have evolved over millions of years to eat, sleep, mate, and find protection from predators as determined by the daily cycle of light and darkness. The Dark Sky above you at The Springs at Borrego isn’t simply a way to enjoy the nightly spectacle of the stars, it also protects all of us below from the harmful effects of light pollution.


Artificial Light Disrupts the Ecosystem of the Desert

Many animals in the desert are nocturnal. They come out of their lairs to seek food after the heat of the day has passed. Light pollution can disrupt the natural behaviors of many creatures, leading to disorientation or even death, as they become easy targets for predators who customarily hunt by the light of day.

light pollution

Birds that migrate or hunt at night do so based on moonlight and starlight. Artificial light can cause them to fly off course into the unforgiving landscape of cities. Every year, millions of birds die because they crash into skyscraper windows. They were lured by artificial lighting.

Frogs and toads everywhere croak at night as a mating ritual, but the amphibians that live in the Anza Borrego Desert are unaffected by light pollution because of the International Dark Sky here in Borrego Springs. Our froggy friends can find mates in the dark and make more frogs.

What About People

Excessive nighttime light exposure has a negative impact on human health. Scientists speculate that disruption of circadian rhythms (your internal day/night clock) can lead to psychiatric disorders, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic problems, and even obesity. When camping, the darkness of the park helps our circadian clocks function more naturally. A better circadian clock means a better sleep, which contributes to better overall health.

Nearly 80% of the population of North America cannot see the Milky Way because of light pollution. Here at The Springs at Borrego RV Resort & Golf Course we can see the stars and galaxies with crystal clarity because of the Dark Sky. So reserve your stay today, and as you relax in the inky blackness and get accustomed to seeing by starlight, your stresses and anxiety will melt away. Think about the spiritual qualities of the desert and all the animals living their lives as nature intended…in the dark.

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