RV Camping Games for Kids and Grown-Ups

Family time is extra fun when you have plenty of things to do in your RV or right beside it. Sure, you can bring your own lawn games, like cornhole/bag toss, but we have those things already.

If you really want to purchase something, try a Battledore & Shuttlecock set. If the sales clerk at the sporting goods store doesn’t know what you are talking about, just say ‘Badminton’ – it’s the same thing. Comes with a net, poles to poke into the ground, four battledores (racquets), and several shuttlecocks (birdies). Fun! And the whole gang will get some exercise running back and forth to whack the birdie.

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To really have some family bonding time, though, turn to old-school activities where people used to actually talk to each other. How about easy-to-store board and card games, like…

Checkers and Chess

Save space in your RV by getting the set that has Chess on one side of the board and Checkers on the other. Stick with Checkers – it’s easier. And besides that, if you lose one of those red or black checkers, you can substitute a beer bottle cap.

Uncle Wiggily

This is a racing board game for kids. Players advance along the track from Uncle Wiggily’s Bungalow to Dr. Possum’s House. There is no strategy involved as play entirely rests upon a random drawing of the cards. For ages 4-8 to have fun learning reading, counting, number recognition, and sharing skills.

Mille Bornes

This racing card game for teenagers and adults means 1,000 milestones in French. It’s fun to holler ‘Puncture Proof’ so you don’t get a flat tire and ‘Roulez’ when it’s time to roll. The rules are printed in English on the box.

Go Fish

Easiest card game ever invented. Children love it, adults do too. All you need is a deck of plain ol’ playing cards. Don’t remember how to play? Click here for the rules.

Internet Scrabble Club

Play directly on their website or just download this little program. Takes about a minute and is completely FREE. Play in American English, British English, French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Dutch, and Polish. Plus, if you get really good at Scrabble, there are national and international tournaments where top players can win big bucks.

Cards Against Humanity

Send the kids to bed. This is a fun game for adults with a wacky sense of humor.


Spooky fun when played at night around the flickering light of the campfire. Encourages your acting skills.

Whether you have fun with a park activity or camping games you brought with you, today is a great day to reserve your next stay at The Springs of Borrego RV Resort and Golf Course. Book now!

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