Spring Blooms in the Anza-Borrego Desert, 2021

Rain – even the anticipation of rain – is exciting news for people who love desert wildflowers. And that anticipation was rewarded with rainstorms and rainbows on March 3, 10, and 11! Seeds that have lain dormant underground for years have been thoroughly soaked and are working their way through the crusty desert surface. Plants that seemed dead have burst into bloom.

Spring Blooms in the Anza-Borrego Desert | Desert Wildflowers

See the Anza-Borrego Desert Now

Reserve your stay at The Springs at Borrego RV Resort and Golf Course right away to see the beautiful desert wildflowers. Occasionally rain comes in abundance, sometimes, not at all.

Right now, you can see the white and red striated petals of the Fish-Hook Cactus and the pulsating purple blossoms of the Desert Sand Verbena in Hornblende Canyon. Look for the yellow blooms of California Barrel Cactus nestled amongst its spines and the white flowers of Desert Apricot too.

Hike Salvador Canyon and Coyote Canyon for the spiky red-orange blooms of Chuparosa, bright yellow Desert Agave, and the small, delicate red flowers of Ocotillo. Look closely and you’ll see bees and ladybugs gathering nectar and pollinating these uncommon blossoms.

Take Your Camera

Plan another floral expedition to Glorietta Canyon, Box Canyon, Rainbow Canyon, and Culp Valley to look for Wild Heliotrope, Purple Mat, Rock Pea, and Canterbury Bells. Take pictures – we would love to see them.

Here’s a little poem by avid desert photographer James Dale…

“There’s no flowers,” they said.
“Not enough rain,” they said.
“Wait until next month,” they said.
“See flowers at Walmart,” they said.

So glad I didn’t listen.

Take the advice of James Dale. Fill up your water bottle, grab your hat, hiking boots and camera, and head out to experience Nature’s glory – the Anza-Borrego Desert in Bloom.

Desert Blooms Don’t Last Long

Reserve Your Stay at The Springs at Borrego RV Resort to See glorious wildflowers before they go away for another few years.

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