Sssssssssssnakes in the Anza Borrego Desert

When the weather is chilly, snakes go someplace to curl up and wait for hot weather. Now that summer is approaching and the temperature is marching toward the triple digits in the daytime, snakes are more likely to be out and slithering about.

Should I be Ssssssssscared?

Over 50 different kinds of lizards and snakes inhabit the vast Anza Borrego Desert. Virtually unchanged since the world was young, reptiles have regulated their body temperatures for eons by crawling out of their hidey-holes to warm themselves in the sun. And of those 50 species of lizards and snakes, only four kinds are known to be venomous.

The good news is…snakes do not ‘attack’ humans. While painful, rattlesnake bites are rarely fatal. The bad news is…if you unwittingly step on a snake, or stick your hand into a crevice where a snake is hiding, the snake will bite and it hurts.

Snakes in the Anza Borrego Desert | Snake Safety


Snake Safety

Protect yourself from potentially painful snakebites by observing common-sense behaviors…

  • Watch where you are walking. Camouflage coloring allows snakes and lizards to blend into the desert scenery.
  • Look into crevices or hidden areas with a flashlight before poking your hand in there.
  • Make noises, talk, or play music while hiking so snakes can hear you and slither away.
  • If you see a snake or hear a rattle, back off and maintain a safe distance.
Don’t Hurt Snakes

Protect reptiles. Snakes and lizards are vital to the environment. They control the rodent and insect populations. In fact, if snakes knew how to protect themselves from humans, they would be better off. People are the biggest threats to reptiles worldwide. Habitat destruction, senseless ‘rattler round-ups’, and poaching for their beautiful skins have decimated reptile populations.

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